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An Extract Piece of the Story, "Q and A"

The sound stopped. I pulled my body up, and moved my legs, and stepped on the floor.
As I walked across the room to the kitchen, I kicked the paper book of "Norwegian Woods". The kitchen already prepared a piece of toasted budget, the exact 10g of butter and breakfast supplemental cube.

I brought the meal to the grey dining room, and placed it on the table. As I sat down, birthday notification came into my sight. 
It was my cousin's 28th birthday today. The flower and the message card with my birthday wishes were already sent by the time I pictured yellow daisy in my mind. 
It was just as I imagined how the day would be like.

Your turn.

I gave you my pieces. Can  you give me  yours?

Send me a photo of yours by email. Send me your story or thoughts of the day by using this form.



Thanks! Message sent.

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