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An Extract Piece of the Story, "Q and A"

"Since we are always online, Q and A are everywhere and once you install them, they think for you and make actions for you. Basically, you do not have to think or do anything to live."

I looked at those students and some drones in my classroom. The temperature is getting cold recently so the number of drones for sick leaves is increasing.
"Thanks to Q and A, all the wars were ended and all the nations were united HAPPILY, EVER AFTER. However, since humans do not even think or do anything, the intelligence of the newborns hit the lowest and the number of Alzheimer patients hit the highest. "

Your turn.

I gave you my pieces. Can  you give me  yours?

Send me a photo of yours by email. Send me your story or thoughts of the day by using this form.



Thanks! Message sent.

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