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An Extract Piece of the Story, "Him"

I did not really have time to talk to him today, but rushed to me and passed me this MD. He told me that he wanted me to listen to what he listens.

The MD is light-blue and I listened to it on the bus home.

Those music were something that I never listened before.

They were like, hiphop but really smooth and melodic.

When I was on the bus, he sent a message and asked me,

"Can you see outside?"

I replied,

"Yes, I can see outside. Why?"

"Can you see the moon? It is the full moon."

"Yes, I can see that."

"Beautiful isn't it? We are looking at the same thing even if we are apart."

THAT was when I melted down to the earth. He IS my dream.

Your turn.

I gave you my pieces. Can  you give me  yours?

Send me a photo of yours by email. Send me your story or thoughts of the day by using this form.



Thanks! Message sent.

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